The Case for Choosing a Villa in Orlando

So you’ve decided to go to Florida on holiday if it’s your first time you may not be sure where to stay – so what alternatives do you have:

• Stay at Disney in one of their hotels;

• Stay in a hotel away from Disney or

• Stay in a private villa with private pool

Obviously each family has its own individual circumstances but consider the pros and cons of each option, and when you’ve read this you should hopefully realise that staying in a private villa with its own private pool is the best option.

Yes staying at Disney means you are close to the parks, but think about it – these are huge hotels where you’ll most likely be sharing one room with the rest of the family. Now much as this can help a family to bond together you will also be living on top of each other for the whole of your holiday, be that 7 or 14 nights, with not that much room to enjoy as your own space or where you have your own privacy – and for older children privacy can be equally as important.

The Green Haven at Watersong has 4 ensuite bedrooms each with its own TV, a large family room downstairs, as well as the private pool and deck outside. More than enough for everyone in the family to have their own space and privacy when they want it. In the future we will be adding a Games Room providing you with even more ways to enjoy your holiday. Just think about how stressful it will be if you are all in one room trying to ready to go out with only 1 or possibly 2 bathrooms.

In a villa you get to choose what you eat and when you eat it – a fully equipped kitchen gives you the choice and flexibility if you want to cook you can do or if you want to eat out you can do. Even if you only use the kitchen at breakfast time you will have the choice of when you eat and what you eat.

If you’ve had too much of the Parks, with a villa you can chill out and relax by your own private swimming pool all day. What could be better than a cold beer or gin & tonic on your own private deck as the sun goes down.

Now also think of the cost – typically the price of a family room at a hotel will be the same or even more expensive than the cost of renting a private villa with a private pool – for example a week at The Green Haven at Watersong – with 4 ensuite bedrooms will cost between £630 & £840 for 7 nights plus the cost of car hire – again a full size car will cost you about £150 for a week. So accommodation and car hire would cost from about £780 for a week. A car gives you the flexibility to get around and doesn’t restrict the things you can do. Even if you were considering staying in a hotel away from Disney you would still need a car to get about.

The case for choosing a villa is proven…

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