Booking The Green Haven at Watersong

There is probably not been a day since we took over The Green Haven at Watersong when we haven’t thought about when our next booking will come through and how to maximise exposure on the Internet

We decided right from the beginning that we would have a booking system that gave us the potential opportunity to integrate with other websites and expose the villa to as many potential guests as possible. Our choice was Supercontrol and so far we have utilised their integration features across a number of websites. Whilst most of the integration has been straight forward utilising the iCal features for the more complex ones the support we have received from them has been fantastic as each integration process is slightly different.

The Internet is now the default place to look for holidays and rental properties. However there are so many websites providing opportunities to book a villa choosing which ones to place The Green Haven at Watersong was never going to be easy. However as Supercontrol have already made all the links integrating with the leading sites the choice has not been too difficult for us.

By far the easiest way is to book direct with us by going to website and clicking on Rates and Reservations.

You can also book directly through our Facebook Page and get the same rates as on our website.

We accept a variety of payment methods, bank transfer, PayPal and for your convenience we are also set up to accept credit card payments – all of which have been facilitated by Supercontrol.

If you want to book through another website then of course you are welcome to do and you will find us on,, HomeAway, Holiday Lettings, Late Lettings, Rentivo, Luxury Let & Holiday Noticeboard. However you may not get the same rates.

We are continually looking at other opportunities to improve our marketing and exposure and will publicise them in the future.

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